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Sunday, June 15, 2008

*Berry Parfait* (Diabetic Recipe)

Hello everyone! I hope all is well.Today I decided on this diabetic recipe, *Berry Parfait*. I love fruit and I like the fact that most of the ingredients are healthy. I think this will be great for breakfast. I'm sorry I didn't post a recipe yesterday., I have been really busy. You will really like this recipe. Enjoy!

*Berry Parfait* (Diabetic Recipe)

Servings: 4

¾ Cup Low-Fat Cottage Cheese3 Tbls. Confectioners' Sugar2 Tsp. Splenda¼ Tsp. Pure Vanilla Extract4 Cups Blueberries5 Tsp. Semisweet Mini Chocolate Chips
Using a blender, combine cottage cheese, sugars, and vanilla extract. Blend ingredients on high until mixture is smooth and creamy.Scoop ½ cup berries into each of the 4 parfait glasses. Scoop 2½ tablespoons cottage cheese mixture on top of berries. Add another ½ cup berries to each parfait glass. Top with cottage cheese, then chocolate chips evenly.

Per Serving: 165 Cal (13% from Fat, 14% from Protein, 72% from Carb); 6 Jg Protein; 3 g Tot Fat; 1 g Sat Fat; 0 g Mono Fat; 0 g Poly Fat; 32 g Carb; 3 g Fiber; 24 g Sugar; 35 mg Calcium; 0 mg Iron; 174 mg Sodium; 2 mg Cholesterol.

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