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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Today I went on line and found a site that gives you the history of recipes. It was very interesting. you find out where the first recipes come from and the erra. The Angel food cake history is really interestin . they talk about how many eggs it takes and the length of time it took to hand beat some of the recipes back then. Oops I went back and looked it says 1 recipe took 20 eggs and it took 3 hours to beat the mix(They didnt have electric hand mixers back then) Can you imagine ! Things are so much more simpler now a days. Thats it for now I'm just waiting for you. I'll be back later.

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thinsurface said...

It brings many jokes to mind. . . how many people does it take to mix an angel food cake?

But curiously - I wonder if the taste comparison would prove it to be a much moister cake? I may never find out, my arms probably can't handle the three hour chore!